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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. How can I change my attitude? I am always complaining about life.
A. Start counting your blessings.

Q. I lack confidence when I face a situation
A. Knowledge creates confidence, the more you know about the situation at
hand, the more confident you become.

Q. Sometimes I feel that I am not worth it.
A. Think of how unique, one of a kind, and special you are. Find your purpose and
pursue it with pride.

Q. I tend to blame others or circumstances for my shortcomings.
A. By being in control of your emotions, you will accept the consequences of
your actions.

Q. I tend to give up easy when faced with difficulties.
A. Remember, the prize is at the end of the race, not at the beginning

Q. How can I improve my appearance?
A. By applying all of the above, you will look great


Q. How can I better communicate with my children?
A. Start listening more to what they say.

Q. My children tend to "forget" what I asked them to do.
A. Write your instructions on paper, and give them a copy of it.

Q. How can I encourage my children to help in the house?
A. Reward them for going "the extra mile". However, do not pay them for it.

Q. How can I enforce the rules in the house?
A. Be more flexible, remember that you also went through this stage.

Conflict Resolution

Q. I have difficulty in resolving conflicts. What steps should I take?
A. Find the root of the conflict, keep an open mind, and give the other party the
benefit of the doubt. Above all respect the other.

Teen Dating Violence

Q. How do I know that I am being abused?
A. When you no longer hung out with your friends, but only with his/hers.

Q. How do I leave an abusive relationship?
A. Get a support system, work on your self-esteem, try to brake up in a public place.


Q. I am continuously stressed. What can I do?
A. Find the cause of your stress, and deal with it.

Q. How can I relief my stress?
A. Exercise, and meditation works. You may also want to check your intake of
sugar, and caffeine.

Employability Skills

Q. I feel insecure when looking for a job. How can I be confident?
A. Find your strengths and talents, and go sell them at the highest bidder.

Q. I fear to lay-off when cuts happen. What should I do?
A. Work on your work habits. Excellence in never unemployed.

Q. I seem to be always falling behind in my assignments at work.
A. Before leaving the office do a "To do List" for the next morning.


Q. I stopped my addiction once, but I keep falling back in it. What can I do?
A. Change your surroundings, stop seeing those who shared your addiction.

Q. Can I ever quit my addiction altogether?
A. Yes. Remember: Desire is 80% of achievement.

Anger Management

Q. I loose my temper often. How can I control it?
A. Find out if it is caused by habit or chemical imbalance.

Q. Why do I seem to be an "angry person"?
A. Find the reason for your anger, and deal with its root.

Money Management

Q. I am deeply in debt. What can I do?
A. Seek professional financial counseling.

Q. How can I start saving?
A. When paying your bills, pretend that you are one. Pay yourself first.

Q. I can not make ends meet.
A. Reassess your spending habits. Try to live within your means.

Parenting at a Distance

Q. Should I tell my child that I am in prison, and when is the best time?
A. Yes. They deserve to know the truth as soon as they can understand.

Q. Should I continue communicating with my children while in prison?
A. Yes. You must at all cost through letters, phone, and visitations.

Q. Can I do something to prepare for reunification upon release?
A. By all means. Learn all you can about Parenting Skills before release.


Q. How can I stop making the same mistakes over and over?
A. Accepting responsibility for your actions is the first step.

Q. Why do I frequently find myself in a difficult situation?
A. Accept that every choice has a consequence.

Q. How can I control the choices I make?
A. By controlling your emotions, and not letting your emotions control you.