Genesis Life Management
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About Us


                Our purpose is to see lives restored and become whole again                      

          Every individual is special with unique talents to behold and to share.   


Genesis Life Management is a social investment entity based in the State of Florida.  It provides services to correctional institutions, law enforcement, professional groups, schools and universities, to the faith community, advocacy groups, and community providers.

Genesis Life Management originally developed a Life and Parenting Skills Training Program for the Florida Department of Corrections as part of the State Crime Prevention Through Reclamation Program. The purpose of this program is to prepare individuals for successful transition and reintegration into the community.

The Life and Parenting Skills Training Program is also provided to other professionals and community groups, such as teachers, foster parents, foster children, social workers, middle and high school students, at regular and alternative schools, juvenile detention centers, at federal, state, and county correctional facilities, health care facilities, and at addiction rehabilitative centers.  The program is taught in English and Spanish.

Fernando Deheza, Genesis Life Management Director and Certified Professional Trainer, is certified through the Professional Development Center at Florida International University, to provide Awareness Training on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.  Mr. Deheza has conducted training in the United States, Costa Rica and Bolivia for law enforcement officers, social workers, parents of pre-school children, inmates and staff at correctional facilities,  the leadership in the faith community, and for advocacy community groups.

Fernando Deheza

Fernando Deheza, founder of Genesis Life Management a social investment entity, resides in the Tallahassee, Florida area.   Previously lived in South Florida and Northern Virginia.  His commitment to help those in need to rebuild their lives, has been the driving force of his work, which later became a mission.  His quest has taken him throughout North, Central and South America.

Through conferences, workshops and presentations, Fernando Deheza, Trainer and Motivational Speaker, has helped thousands of individuals at a critical point in their lives; children and adults have benefited from his knowledge and insight on how to live a successful life with purpose, regardless of the individual's circumstances. His motto, " Our purpose is to see lives restored and become whole again.  Every individual is special with unique talents to behold and to share", has become Genesis Life Management Mission Statement.  Mr. Deheza's goal is to become a "bridge over trouble waters" for those going through adversity, and to guide those who desire to live every day with happiness, resolve and purpose.