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Life Skills Training For School Children and Youth


As we face an increasing amount of violent incidents committed by school children, and young men and women in and out of school campuses, educators, social workers and parents search for the causes and mitigating factors for these tragedies to happen. The increase in intensity and frequency of these incidents is claiming more lives, and has created a hostage environment permeated by fear and confusion among students and parents alike. We can no longer wait for the next "bang" followed by the 6 o'clock news where we see body bags being taken out of a school campuses, or neighborhoods from "Any town" USA. The Mayberry streets of the 40"s and 50"s are gone, and gone forever. Tragically the old slogan, "It's a jungle out there", has become a reality. We can no longer just treat the fever; we must cure the infection that is causing it. It takes more effort and resources to put out fires and to rebuild, than to build a new fireproof building.


Cognizant of the importance of teaching our youth Math, English and Science, critical for their academic growth, Genesis Life Management, has designed a Life Skills Program for school children, and young men and women. It focuses among others on Self-Esteem, Conflict Resolution, Accountability, Anger Management and Teen Dating Violence Awareness. The purpose of this program is to teach our youth not only how to survive and prosper during those critical years to adulthood, but to come out victorious and become role models among their peers. The Life Skills Program will empower them toward making the right choices early on, and away from economic dependency later in their lives. It will build a shield of positive self-esteem, self-respect, and self-reliance, against crime, drugs, promiscuity, and the instant gratification trap. Thus, we will afford them our biggest bequest: roots and wings. Roots by knowing that we have faith in them and care for them, so that they will stand firm when faced with adversity; and wings by strengthening their self worth, and by teaching them to dream. Our faith in them must become their backbone.

The lack of training on Self-esteem, Conflict Resolution, Accountability, Anger Management, and Teen Dating Violence Awareness among others, can increase the risk of young men and women developing poor self-esteem, rejection, fear, insecurity, resentment, bitterness, hopelessness, and helplessness. On the contrary, putting special emphasis on the above training topics, will result in increased numbers of physical and emotionally healthy youth, with improved academic performance, thus becoming future positive role models.

Implementation and Follow-up

Genesis Life Management trains individuals to provide the Life Skills Training Program to our youth.  After a screening is conducted on each "mentor", the Principal and the Trust Counselor of a school, or Community Provider Trainer is contacted, arrangements are made to allow these individuals, after they are trained, to conduct class presentations in general, and to specific groups, i.e., at risk or suspended students. The Life Skills Training Program is provided through regular classroom periods of 45-50 minutes where "Life Improvement" or other similar subjects are taught. Auditoriums are used for large number of students.

In order to sustain emotionally healthy youth through their growing years, and as regular exercise and proper nutrition are essential to maintaining their strong physical immune system, Genesis Life Management recommends that the Life Skills Training Program be provided periodically. It will optimize our youth's successful emotional wellbeing, as they transition to adulthood.

Life and Parenting Skills Training Program

Outline of Life and Parenting Skills Training Program