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Domestic Violence Awareness


Genesis Life Management cognizant of the devastating effects of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, which are reaching epidemic proportions in our society, provides an insightful and well-documented awareness training aimed at educating and informing audiences. We address the impact of cultural and traditional factors and the role that government, private, and religious institutions play in creating programs to assist victims, as well as intervention for the batterer. Our program details the degree to which Domestic Violence affects adults and children, short and long term.

The following topics are covered in the training:

  • Definition and Statistics on Domestic Violence
  • Myths and Misconceptions of Domestic Violence
  • Power and Control Wheel
  • Equality Wheel
  • Cycle of Violence
  • Potential Red Flags of Domestic Violence
  • Reasons Why Battered Partners Stay
  • Escape Plan
  • Safety Tips After Leaving
  • Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
  • Reporting Mandate and Criteria for Reporting
  • Abuse on the Elderly and the Disable
  • Community Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Batterer's Intervention Programs.

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse systematically and gradually erode the survival, and coping skills of its victims. In order to lessen the recidivism cases, Genesis Life Management, Inc., recommends that the Life and Parenting Skills Training Program be taken by its victims as an integral and critical portion of a holistic approach toward full rehabilitation.

One of the purposes of our Awareness Training is to provide professionals in the health, education, law enforcement, and faith community sectors, as well as advocacy groups, with adequate cognitive knowledge, in order to become more effective in their areas of expertise, and in their own personal endeavors.

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Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Training For your Organization

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