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Awards & Testimonals

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"American Values Awards"
By the Green Family Foundation through the United Way of Miami-Dade County for outstanding record of public and voluntary service to our community.

"The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation"
For making positive changes through community partnering on creative efforts on behalf of families and children in Florida.

"The Florida Department of Corrections'
For community involvement in crime prevention though reclamation, by providing a Life Skills Program to incarcerated men and women at Dade and Broward Correctional Institutions.

"The Florida Department of Children and Families"
For services and commitment to the State of Florida Domestic Violence Rural Oversight Committee.

Testimonials from Middle/High School Students

After taking the training on:


"It showed me how to live with ourselves for who we are, and not who people want us to be."

"Other people call me names, but after taking this training, I know that those things aren't true."

"It showed me how sometimes people make fun of you saying you are worthless, your are a mistake, an accident, but that's is not true, the training showed me that I came to life for a purpose, to be something, to live, and to feel. Some people have to know that."

"This training helps you to look at yourself, and see what you can change about yourself. I learned that I am worth it."

"It makes me feel confident and good about myself. I know that I can achieve anything I put my heart, mind and soul into. It makes me feel that I have a purpose."

" I think I have a lot, and no one can ever put me down. I will always reach my goals because I have self-esteem."

"When I am confident, I tell myself I can do it."

"If I have self-esteem, no one can put me down, and if they do I get right back up."

"Sometimes it takes someone saying, "I am worth it" to make days brighter."

"It taught me not to judge people right away. It taught me not to be a person's friend because how they look on the outside, but on the inside."

"It showed me that I am special, and that no one is like me. It also showed me that every problem has a solution."

"It showed me that the way you feel about yourself is key to how you turn out in life. This helps us to do well, and have a good attitude towards life."

Conflict Resolution

"It teaches you not to resort to violence."

"It taught me how to avoid fights and bad company."

"It taught me how to deal with an argumentative situation."

"It showed me how a lot of people do not resolve their problems with words, instead they use actions. Sometimes people fight over stupid things that could be talked about."

"Through this training, a bully may be turned around into a helpful, caring, and lovable individual."

"It teaches you that you don't have to fight to solve a problem."

"Many kids at my school get into fights, and conflicts, which can lead to school shootings. Now that I have learned this, I can prevent myself from getting in flights and conflicts, and I may be able to prevent others."

"Many people, including myself, have anger problems, and get into fights really quick."

"If we were to have a class like this in schools today, there would probably be less fights and enemies and more friends."

Teen Dating Violence

"Some girls/boys die because of violence, some are getting beat and don't say anything because they are scared of being killed."

"It showed me that if your are in a relationship, and you are being abused, you should tell someone, and get out of that relationship."

"I learned a lot about it, I would know what to do when I have a problem like that, so I would not make the mistake of not telling anyone about it."

"It showed me that you never leave friends or family members over a boy, because they will always be there for you."

"It helped me learn not to date certain boys, because I would not want to get raped or abused by anyone, nor take control of me or my body."

"It really made me think about me and my boyfriend, he is always mad at me for no reason. He always makes me say sorry, and he doesn't like me talking to other boys. I always have to do what he wants."

"One day in the future I can use this information."

"I knew two people that went through this, and now they are buried. I feel guilty for not calling for help."

"If you warn more people about it, more will stop."

"It is an issue that needs to be dealt with more because is happening a lot."

"It teaches young adults to make sure that they are in the right relationship before going any further."

"I am going into the dating life, and I would like to feel protected."

"It has happened to me, and now I know what to do in this situation."

Testimonials from Inmates in Prison

After taking the Life/Parenting Skills Training Program

"You are truly making a great difference in those ladies lives…your passion and commitment to bringing some light into their lives, has the potential to enlighten and empower many." (Statement from a professional guest at Self-Image Class)

"I am managing my anger instead of going off. The training helped me better myself and to use my time in here more productively."

"Your teaching makes it easy to understand the what and why of our mistakes, and the way to avoid repeating such disastrous behaviors. The program made a great difference in my life, I can look forward to a new and better way…"

"Thank you for your encouragement about life."

"I have been incarcerated for 26 years, and there has been no other group or classes interesting enough to hold my attention quite like Life Skills."

"I learned the importance of writing to my children and staying in close contact with them, to manage my money, and the importance of savings."

"Life is too short to live a hateful, miserable life of unhappiness, drugs or any other harmful crime acts, that sent some of us here. But while we're here, it's nice to know someone cares as much as you to come, and teach us that our lives can be different if we use our tools."

"It has helped me to be positive, and to know that everything has a solution."

"It has helped me to improve my self-esteem, and to know how much I am worth as a human being, it has help me understand myself, and to listen, to be a better mother to my children."

"You have added some insight into my life, and I am truly grateful to you for that."

"The benefits of this program has transcended to each of our children and our families. The faith and hope it has given us will grow leaving a mark in our hearts."

"I have discovered many qualities about myself, how to treat others, and most important, how to better relate with our children."

"I have learned to control my impulses, and come to realize that the world of drugs only bring us problems and difficulties."

"It has helped me to value myself, thus better prepared me to be reunited with my children and family."

Testimonials from Professionals

After taking the Life/Parenting Skills Training Program to work as Mentors to students in schools


"I feel that the core factor is Self-image, and if you know who you are and what you believe, you can avoid many situations in life that can cause you to become a victim. This course should be mandatory for anyone who is in the profession of dealing with families and schools."

"If we can encourage and build self-esteem in our youths, they will think first before making a lot of bad mistakes under pressure."

"Children are volatile and very impressionable at these ages. Parents can make or break a child's emotional well-being."

"I think a child needs at the beginning of her/his life the strongest and most solid base to become, in the future, the best human being they can."

"I think this is the crucial one, the most important because it is the source of the other issues. If you can solve the self-image problem… will allow him/her to solve conflicts, avoid violence, or address it if it should occur."

Conflict Resolution

"When mentoring with kids, the biggest challenge is demonstrating to children other avenues to dealing with violence or potentially violent conflicts."

"It teaches teens how to deal with difficult situations, and prevent violence or violent behaviors."

Teen Dating Violence

"Many times these people depend on boy/girlfriend for advice in life issues. These people might get incorrect information from their peers. They need accurate information. They need to know that someone with authority and funding can help them in desperate situations."

"Dealing with kids, this is the subject matter I feel is most visible, thus I can intervene with my knowledge to educate them."


The following organizations have received training by the Genesis Life Management, Inc. staff on Life and Parenting Skills, and Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Awareness:

In the United States

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Florida Department of Corrections
Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department
Turner Guilford Knight (TGK) Correctional for Juveniles
University of Miami School of Medicine
Barry University School of Social Work
Catholic Charities - Miami
Haitian American Committee
Community Action Agency - Miami
Urban Renewal Greater Enhancement Team
Miami-Dade Empowerment Trust, Inc.
Miami-Dade Public Schools
YWCA Greater Miami - Hialeah Youth Outreach Program
City of Miami Commission on the Status of Women
Hispanic Women Alliance Against Domestic Violence
Habitat for Humanity
National Organization for Victims Assistance (NOVA)

In Latin America

Brigada Nacional de Protección a la Mujer, La Paz, Bolivia
(National Brigade for the Protection of Women, La Paz, Bolivia)
Women's Prison, San Jose, Costa Rica